• DMS05 DIL-DRY Jumbo Air relax Dryer Machine

DMS05 DIL-DRY Jumbo Air relax Dryer Machine

  • Brand: DILMENLER
  • Product Code: DMS05
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Drying on the egalizing air relax dryer is today a very important process for the quality of fabric. The results of such treatment are better quality, good touch and excellent shrinkage values with width control on the knitted and woven fabrics in the entrance of dryer. Machine can be used as normal Relax dryer for tubular fabric and Egalizing dryer for open width. The machine consists of 6 different units such as; centralising unit, foulard, chain system, drying chambers, steaming unit and exit. Drying chambers are equipped with suspension jet nozzle system and are built in single rows of nozzle. Circulating air turbines provides big drying capacity with maximum efficiency.


Working Width    :   1600-4200 mm
Chamber Length    :    2000 mm
Evaporation Capacity    :    125-200 Kg water/h/chamber
Machine Speed      :    40m/min
Overfeed Speed    :    0-50% with frequency inverte
Heating System    :    Steam, Natural Gas; LPG; Thermic oil
Thermal Power - 75000KCal/hr/Chamber
Natural Gas consumption : 9.10Nm3/hr/Chamber
Gas Pressure : 30-100mbar