• DMS04 DIL-YARN HT Yarn Dyeing machine

DMS04 DIL-YARN HT Yarn Dyeing machine

  • Brand: DILMENLER
  • Product Code: DMS04
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HT Yarn Dyeing Machine is designed base on the latest technical and technological improvements regard to; liquor flow, liquor circulation and maximum efficiency. Machine can be used for the processing of many different kinds of materials with using different suitable carrier such as bobbins packages, muffs, beams, loose material, tops etc.


• Perfect dyeing results without having unlevelled dyeing effect for max. 2 kg bobbins in weight.
• Inside/outside and outside/inside two way flow without changing the direction of the turbo pump motor.
• Short and fast heating times by efficient heat exchanger
• Dyeing capacity of min 50% and max. 100% with air pad system
• Perfect dyeing possibility on every pressure with differential pressure transmitter
• Repeatability by automation system
• Short dyeing times with the help of 100 % reserve tank
• Liquor ratio in between 1:5 -1:8
• Single or double material carrier
• Heat exchanger in the circulation pipe line
• Rapid lid opening, closing, locking system
• Heavy duty stainless steel centrifugal pump with mechanical seal HT Bobbin dyeing Machine is available in various capacities starting from 25 Kg up to 1000 Kg. Machine body and all wetted parts made of (AISI 316/316L) highly corrosion resistant stainless steel.