• DMS14 DIL-RD HT Yarn Dryer

DMS14 DIL-RD HT Yarn Dryer

  • Brand: DILMENLER
  • Product Code: DMS14
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The pressure dryer is a drying apparatus for various blends, material and structures. The dryer has been constructed according to the most recent technical knowledge and guarantees an optimal treatment of yarn with a minimum consumption of energy. Depending on the textile goods processed, drying time is around 1-2 hours. Temperatures up to 130 °C can be reached on the rapid dryer. The excess pressure which is produced by adding air pressure, amounts to 5 bar. Heating and cooling heat exchangers are attached to the machine. 

Machine is included with 3 stage of running process.

• Squeezing
• Drying
• Levelling

Working Temperature : 130 °C 
Working Pressure : 5 bar