• Laboratory Dispensing System​

Laboratory Dispensing System​

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First step of having the right color at the production is making the right sample in the laboratory. Only 5 grams of samples are as important as several tons when you dye the fabric. Very little mistakes on the sample, costs hundreds of kilos wrong results. This is why the laboratory samples are maybe more important than anything in a dye-house. ODS LAB – dispensing system, eliminates the errors and lets you DYE IT RIGHT FIRST TIME.


  • ±0.003ml dispensing accuracy.
  • Automatic diluted solution preparation
  • Automatic pipette calibration and reports
  • Solution preparation
  • Auto chemical calculation
  • Recipe calculation with product.


  • Aluminium Sigma profile main body with 80-120-.....-280-320 Bottles as an incremental of 40 bottles.
  • Servo controlled high speed 3 axis movement.
  • Light curtain for safety system and user-friendly software to take detailed reports.
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Item Code: ODS - LAB